(Completed) Visit edible botanical garden

This orchard includes species already cultivated in the Algarve, as well as forgotten species and plants rarely found in Europe. Most of these plants originate from subtropical climates. It’s possible for the plants to grow here, because the Algarve enjoys more sunshine than any other part of Europe all year long. 

All Pomar dos Sabores plants are in the hardiness zones from 9 to 12 (using USDA standard). That means they either don’t tolerate frost at all or only occasionally. 

The most important goals of this botanical garden of edible plants are to show which fruit production can be relocated to Europe and to share with everyone the knowledge necessary for the success of their own efforts. At the same time, it shows how an environmentally friendly approach can be implemented in a private garden. 

In one year, more than 300 fruit trees have been planted. The goal is to have under cultivation about 400 plants on an initial plot of one hectare by the end of 2022.

Emphasis is placed on the establishment of several varieties of the same species in order to discover different flavours and different maturation periods, as well as to determine the species most suited to the climate or the soil. For example, there are six species of mango trees, five species of lychees, twelve species of pomegranate trees and so on. 

Orchard of Flavours (Pomar dos Sabores) is a non-profit experimental garden, the results of which are open to everyone. A scientific approach is pursued with the project. 

This orchard is not only a great place to visit, but also an inspiration for the realisation of our sensory garden, and maybe also for your own garden.

For more information about this orchard visit: https://www.orchardofflavours.com